Software Integration

Are you working on your software integration strategy? We have the tools required to be able to help simple to complex projects specializing in the integration of application software. The Octerpus tool is designed to help reduce the pain points when synchronizing platforms. Whether you’re in charge of managing the integration project, a tech Architect, or an agency developer, you will soon realize that Octerpus is set up with a number of innovative ways to improve and transform your business.

Taking time to research into all of the software integrators can be an exhausting task, that’s why we encourage you to view and try out our free wizard. By trying our free wizard you will soon recognize that you will be in complete control of the data an mapping process. Cut expenses by utilizing our services to link various platforms together. By making your systems talk you will be able to improve processes within your organization. Nearly every business priority can be enabled by IT through Octerpus data connectivity.

If you are a CIO or IT leader,  don’t miss the opportunity to view how simple our software integration platform is to use, our engineering team strive to be leaders in best practices, and take away practical solutions for our clients to use today. Not only can Octerpus link systems in the cloud we specialize in legacy based software hardware integration. Octerpus is build on advanced, secure and robust technology with SLAs in place with some of the worlds largest organizations. Our platform was originally designed for enterprise grade clients however we have evolved into a b2b integration software provider providing low cost services to all sized organizations.

What is integration software? Most organizations have different departments from HR to Finance, to Sales and Warehouse. Integration software helps the IT teams to ensure that all of the different systems within the departments talk to each other and are all providing accurate information across the board. Octerpus specializes in helping clients link systems together at a reasonable cost.


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