How do I get data from my point of sale system?

How do I get data from my point of sale system to my email or marketing platform? One of the common questions we are asked is how to capture data from different business function example POS (point of sale) to the marketing or email campaign location. By utilizing our software you can easily pull various forms in and easily manage your marketing campaigns. By synchronizing in the cloud our data flows help you to quickly set up data sources and manage the flow of your information.

POS data management

Many  physical stores and ecommerce stores work in parallel, Octerpus has the ability to streamline data from Point of Sale systems into a centralized location or push through to department platforms including marketing and email system for customer engagement. Today merchants are becoming increasingly savy, either new POS platforms are being introduced or old systems have upgrades available, enabling more advanced ways of collecting data.

— May 30, 2015

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