Magento Inventory

Magento Inventory.

Some people love, some people hate Magento emotions aside it has gained a considerable amount of traction over the past few years. eBay acquiring the platform certainly gave Magento the war chest to keep the momentum. In many cases Magento is the pick for selling online and usually the decision makers for selecting what platform is either a company’s IT or tech side or the Marketing department. As there are so many features to consider when selecting an eCommerce platform one of the most commonly overlooked features is Magento Inventory.


Magento  Inventory


Things to consider around Magento Inventory:

  • Who is providing you with inventory data? Inventory data can come from many different locations including drop shippers, your purchasing team, your warehouse or you may simply want to update your stock levels with a CSV or an excel template. It is important to have a simple way to get your inventory lists or data and upload this into the right formats into Magento. For many businesses we find there may be up to 8 different formats of data that need translating into the correct format to upload into Magento for selling.


  • Where is the inventory being held? ┬áToday’s retailer often holds inventory in multiple locations, either having multiple distribution centers, multiple drop shippers or has a combination of both. Some of our large multinational clients have distribution centers in several countries. To increase conversions many retailers are offering options such as “Click and Collect or Collect from Store”.To be able to offer this service it is essential to have accurate inventory levels updated in real time stipulating where the items are being held. It is also important if retailers are offering fast delivery to be able to notify the closest store that holds the stock.


  • Are the quantities of stock correct? Unfortunately some retailers often fall into the trap of assuming the stock quantities this can lead to a negative customer journey if an order can not be fulfilled as promised via Magento. By having real time quantity updates on inventory levels retailers can relax knowing they will not over commit to the potential clients.


  • Can you upload images to save time? New products are often hitting the market and retailers are faced with the challenge of uploading new images, new data and new information to Magento. Look for easy ways to data flow the products into your Magento system. Having a well organised product dense offering is needed to run a successful online store.


— May 25, 2015

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