Magento ERP Integration

As we have worked with Magento for more than six years it is only natural we have listened to our customers requests for a simple Magento ERP connector / extension. Over the years we have discovered that Marketing are usually the team that decides on the website platform and the ERP is generally an overall business decision led by tech.

Not only are we asked Octerpus supports a Magento ERP Integration we are commonly asked what is the best ERP for Magento to support? We have been involved with many development projects ranging from Netsuite, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and many more.

One of the key benefits of using Octerpus as Magento ERP connector is the low cost and dynamic view of your systems. Our centralized dashboard and wizard helps clients to clearly map both the inputs and the outputs. Our case studies prove that most Magento ERP integration’s are not a costly exercise. In 87% of our cases the projects are easily deployed and managed by a small team.

Magento integration with erp can easily be built into your project by viewing our preset connectors specifically designed to be able to accommodate the required fields for Magento commerce. Yes the Octerpus ERP extension is designed to work with both Enterprise and Community editions of Magento.

Magento ERP Integrations


Some of the benefits of having a Magento ERP integration include:
1) Centralization
2) Accuracy
3) Less trouble

• Order Fulfillment
• Customer Service
• Product Management

Octerpus helps as a direct method of integration. Our system helps clients with building a scalable service.


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