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Lets face it Data Feed is all about sucking data in / or pushing data out. Data Feed management can be in a range of formats from a daily XML feed given to you by your trusty supplier, or it could be from Amazon or a shopping comparison feed. If you rely on getting a data feed then you would recognize how important the data is in the right format.

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Do NOT give up if your data is in a terrible format! Right here at Octerpus we provide easy mapping tools for you to make sure your data feed is perfect for uploading to systems like Magento, Bigcommerce, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Opencart and many more sales platforms.

Octerpus provide what is known as a data feed management platform. Our platform is designed to help users map data from all walks of like. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to take data from ANY system and then translate it into the sales platform. We help our customers by developing connectors to help map common elements saving our users plenty of time when organizing data feed services.

What is a data feed file? A data feed file is a file that is sent from a supplier to a drop shipper to be processed for commerce sale. These files can be in csv, xml, encrypted or in many other formats our platform helps users to simply map the fields into the correct slots allowing the data feed file to be processed in the customers preferred sales channel eg; Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, Netsuite, Shopify and many other commerce platforms.

Do you need a Product Feed? catering for sales channels like Magento Product Feed, Woocommerce product feed Octerpus has preset connectors for making things happen. Try our wizard for our data feed integration services.

It takes a while to understand why data feed management is so important. When merchants understand that if data is accurate and relays the correct data between platforms, stores and outlets Data Management becomes much more important.

The most important part of data feed is getting the right product feeds correct. Product Data Feed is the main ingredient to getting the right information passed to the sales channel. Why is product data feed so important? It is simple if you do not have the right prices, quantities and location named across your inventory spread then you are in danger of providing incorrect information about your product.

Data Feeds can come in all types of shapes and formats ranging from the common XML format, EDI format, CSV format and many more. Octerpus specializes in Optimization making the transition from supplier to website as perfect as possible.

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