Agencies and Developers

Agencies and Developers

Our most popular product is Dsync for system integration.¬†we value our ecosystem full of website designers, developers and digital agencies. If you would like to partner with Octerpus and learn more about our agency ecosystem please talk to the team. Our understanding of different ERP, Warehouse management systems and CRMs make Octerpus the perfect solution to ensuring your Magento inventory is displayed correctly. We work with your development agency to ensure systems like Netsuite, Hybris, Manhattan, Pronto, AS400, Sterling, SAP Business one, are synchronized and data is flowing accurately. Raw Data: Sometimes we are presented with “UGLY DATA” in csv or legacy style code. At Octerpus we translate that data for you and push it to the correct channel. We are data flow experts!


Website Developers

Octerpus currently works with over 100 website developers across the globe. Talk to our team about our development API and resource center.


System Integrator’s

We operate an open source API providing access to system integrator access.


Drop Ship Vendor Program

Used as a cloud based management platform Octerpus can be used to manage both order fulfillment and sales channels


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