About – Octerpus Integration

We provide low cost system integration tools at an enterprise grade.  Our core product is Dsync a platform that is suitable to link ANY system to ANY other system at a low cost. View the wizard at Dsync.com

Octerpus is a single base platform that connects multiple business applications. Octerpus is known as an IPAAS provider. We provide a simple user friendly system integration platform for our clients. Our clients range from small to large size organizations. Our systems integration software is well known for connecting cloud applications, onsite premise devices, in-house software, ERP, inventory and marketing tools. At Octerpus our main aim is to integrate systems quickly, securely and challenge free.

Software Integration’s on Octerpus can be completed quickly as we provide the ability for users to map technology that is to be process with inputs and outputs. Our technology enables easy integration at a a fraction of the cost. We provide B2B integration software all over the world.

Our focus has been to drive API connectors and help our customers scale with our secure and reliable platform. Clients can either map their own endpoints or use our special tools to integrate all types of applications. Octerpus operates on a global playing field with proven technology, by using our specialized mapping tools clients will be able to overcome the most common integration challenges.

Pre-built common API / Apps points are already integrated into the Octerpus framework reducing the integration time and road map to success. Octerpus pride ourselves in the ability to connect multiple cloud based applications seamlessly. One of our common connectors is our Magento ERP integration by Dsync.

We believe in enabling our users to have easy access to the mapping fields. Our mapping fields provide visibility into the integration dashboard with control over your process controls.

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